I am not the kind of person who loves traveling. Even though I like visiting new places and meeting new people, after a few days I already want to be back home. It doesn’t matter how expensive or luxurious the destination might be. After a while I miss my modest apartment and the mundane things of life, like lying on the sofa with my cats or a nice homemade meal. However, going to the Bahamas was a completely different story: I wanted to stay there forever.

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“Working” in the Bahamas

There were many reasons for that. It was my first time in the Bahamas and the first time I met most of my fellow Team Pro Online members. And let me tell you this: they are awesome! Everyone on the team is very nice I had a great time hanging out with them. I was pleasantly surprised to see how down to earth some of the best poker players in the world can be, something that might be rare in a sport like this. It was a huge learning experience for me and it has inspired me to work even harder on my goals and projects. But there was another reason why going back home wasn’t the most attractive option this time. As soon as I arrived I had to start packing again, because I’m moving house.


Home sweet home

It is often said that moving is one of life’s most stressful events after the death of a family member. I have already moved a few times in my short(?) life and honestly I don’t think it is that bad unless you are an extremely unorganized person and accumulate tons of trash over the years (ok, maybe I’m guilty of this). But the idea of trying to make your life fit into boxes is never a pleasant one no matter how many times you have done it before. If you hire a mover like I did, you need to coordinate a group of people, and there are deadlines to meet. As a poker player I am not exactly proficient in any of those skills.

But this post is not about how much I hate moving. Every cloud has a silver lining, and for me it was something I found while checking old paper piles:


No set, no bet

Among my college notes and books I found my very first opening ranges chart. It is so ridiculously tight and outdated it makes me feel ashamed of myself, but that piece of paper brought back so many memories. Only a couple of years ago I was living a double life: I had a serious corporate job, but when I was home I was grinding the micro-stakes trying to make my poker dream come true. I didn’t have much free time, so I had to make the most of it. I printed some charts and poker articles to read on the bus on my way to the office. It was a busy time of my life, and there were many times when I thought it was too difficult and I was not going to make it, but I was very motivated and kept going. 

A piece of paper is just that: a piece of paper. It means nothing in itself. But having it in my hands brought back lots of emotions and renewed that motivation I once had. It reminded me that I’ve come a long way from where I was and that there is still a lot to come. Today it’s a new house, but I’m really curious to see what tomorrow brings. Hard work and big dreams are the key.

Celeste ‘LadyMaCe86’ Orona is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online

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