At a German-heavy final table with three Germans and a Austrian, the loquacious Brazilian pulled off a remarkable comeback to win WCOOP Event #28-H. Andreflk13 survived a marathon-like final table and rallied from behind to defeat Holland’s Gukiz heads-up for the victory. The heads-up battle lasted only nine hands. Andreflk13 doubled up on the fourth hand and never looked back.

Sometimes you have to kick it old school. 2017 WCOOP Event #28-H featured only 12-minute levels during a rare (non-turbo) single day event. Event #28-H also boasted a six-figure first place payout on a mere $215 buy-in. WCOOP Event #28-H $215 NL attracted 3,794 entries with 2,836 original runners plus 958 additional re-entries. The total prize pool was $758,800. The top 467 places paid out with $108,533.51 set aside for the champion.

With ten remaining and action hand-for-hand, Finland’s elmerixx sat atop the big stack with 61M. Dimanchezque bubbled off the final table in tenth place when A♥5♠ lost to Andreflk13’s 9♠9♣. Pocket nines held up for Andreflk13, and he advanced to the final table.


WCOOP Event #28-H – Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: LStrelec (11,626,837)
Seat 2: elmerixx (62,107,585)
Seat 3: Stiffler8818 (10,382,678)
Seat 4: Bastelbastel (12,249,433)
Seat 5: juicetus (8,297,346)
Seat 6: dell1958 (7,478,308)
Seat 7: JeremiieLand (29,405,611)
Seat 8: Andreflk13 (19,035,980)
Seat 9: Gukiz (29,116,222)

It took approximately 10.5 hours before the final table was seated. The final nine commenced during Level 45 with blinds at 250K/500K and a 62.5K ante. elmerixx continued to lead with 62.1M and dell1958 was the shorty with 7.4M.

Finland’s elmerixx almost shipped a TCOOP back in 2014, but settled on a runner-up finish. Brazil’s Andreflk13 final tabled the Sunday Million a couple years ago.

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PAPER HOUSE: LStrelec eliminated in 9th place

Classic confrontation. Pocket nines versus Ace-Queen. LStrelec open-shoved for 7,989,337 with 9♠9♣ and Gukiz called with A♦Q♦. Gukiz turned a Broadway straight to win the pot. The board finished up K♣10♦2♥J♣J♠ and Gukiz dragged the pot after winning the race. LStrelec became the first player to exit the final table, which paid out $6,783.14 for ninth place.

MUSHROOM: dell1958 eliminated in 8th place

Cooler time. Short-stacked dell1958 shoved for 1,584,840 with K♣K♥, but alas, Gukiz woke up with J♣J♥. And yes, a Jack on the river sunk dell1958’s dreams of doubling up. Kings were cracked by Jacks when the board ran out Q♥8♦2♠6♠J♠. Gukiz won the pot with a set of Jacks. Kings were no good for dell1958, who busted in eighth place, which paid out $9,592.90. With seven remaining, Gukiz seized the new big stack with 46.3M.

OH YEAH: juicetus eliminated in 7th place

Squeeze me. juicetus made a final stand and shoved for 4,794,346 with A♦K♦. JeremiieLand trailed when he called with A♥Q♥. A Queen on the flop sunk juicetus’ hopes of staving off elimination. JeremiieLand won the pot with Aces up when the board ran out Q♠7♥6♥9♦6♠. Germany’s juicetus got squeezed in seventh place, which paid out $13,566.43. With six to go, Bastelbastel led with 58M.

PEKING O: Stiffler8818 eliminated in 6th place

Six-handed didn’t last long before someone got stiffed. All-in on the flop of A♦K♣3♦. Stiffler8818 led with K♠3♠ versus JeremiieLand’s A♣J♣. Stiffler8818 flopped two pair versus top pair. However, JeremiieLand turned Aces up and JeremiieLand won the pot with a better two pair — Aces and Jacks — when the board finished up A♦K♣3♦J♠Q♥. Stiffler8818 was dunzo in sixth place. The German earned $19,185.87.

With five left in the hunt, Bastelbastel led with 71.1M and elmerixx clung to the shorty with 20.7M.


SPRAY: elmerixx eliminated in 5th place

How about Kings getting kicked in the regal junk again? How about runner-runner quads? elmerixx opened to 3,150,000, Bastelbastel three-bet shoved for 66,962,071 with 2♣2♦, and elmerixx called all-in for 24,630,299 with K♣K♠. However, the board finished up A♦10♦9♦2♠2♥. Bastelbastel won the pot with quads. Kings snapped off again. Finland’s elmerixx was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $27,132.94.

With four to go, Bastelbastel closed in on 100M in chips, which was more than 50% of all chips in play.

MOONSHAKE: JeremiieLand eliminated in 4th place

Austria exits stage left after losing a flip. Bastelbastel bombed it all-in for 76,790,822 with A♥K♥ and JeremiieLand called all-in for 19,820,292 with 7♦7♣. The board ran out 9♠4♥3♦3♠K♦ and Bastelbastel won the race with two pair and Kings up. Pocket sevens were no good for JeremiieLand, who busted out in fourth place, which paid out $38,371.83.

With three left in the hunt, Bastelbastel led with 99M, followed by Gukiz’s 68M and Andreflk13’s 22.6M.


Three-handed played out a couple orbits before action was paused to discuss a deal after some serious chip movement and blinds encroaching on 1M/2M. Prior to the pause, Gukiz seized the lead with 78.8M and Bastelbastel slipped to 60M, while Andreflk13 held 50.8M.

Any deal had to leave 2% on the table for the champion or $15,176.00. The numbers were floated: Gukiz $78,251.00, Bastelbastel $74,303.71, and Andreflk13 $71,812.35. Bastelbastel quickly agreed. Andreflk13 eventually agreed. However, big stack Gukiz thought about the numbers for a bit before responding with a counteroffer of 85K. Bastelbastel reminded everyone about the extra 15K left on the table for the winner and then said, “I’m running good.” Gukiz did not budge and wanted 85K plus 15K to the winner.

Negotiations fell apart. Without a deal in place, action resumed.

BEL AIR: Bastelbastel eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed slog. Finally got busted up when Gukiz and Bastelbastel rumbled. The results were fatal. Bastelbastel shoved all-in for 43,794,796 with A♠10♠ and Gukiz snap-called with A♣Q♣. The board ran out 8♣4♥J♠Q♠. Gukiz won the pot with a pair of Queens. Germany’s Bastelbastel was knocked out in third place, which paid out $54,265.96.

HEADS-UP: Andreflk13 (Brazil) vs. Gukiz (Netherlands)
Seat 8: Andreflk13 (67,329,028)
Seat 9: Gukiz (122,370,972)

Gukiz led with nearly a 2-1 edge, but blinds were at 1.5M/3M.

FUTURE DAYS: Gukiz eliminated in 2nd place; Andreflk13 wins Event #28-H!

Heads-up lasted nine hands. On the fourth hand, Andreflk13 doubled up and won a pot worth 141M after turning a flush with 9♥8♥. Five hands later, it would be all over.

Going into the final hand Gukiz trailed 149M to 40M. Andreflk13 didn’t waste any time and open shoved for 148,858,056 with 8♥6♥. Gukiz called all-in for 36,441,944 with a better hand K♣Q♠. Andreflk13 hit the flop of J♦9♣8♣ with a pair of eights. The turn was the 9♥ and the river was the 3♠. Andreflk13 won the pot with two pair. Gukiz never improved and busted in second place. For a runner-up finish, Gukiz from the Netherlands won $76,743.59.

Andreflk13 from Brazil took down Event #28-H for a score worth $108,533.51. Congrats!

WCOOP-28-H: $215 NLHE
Entries: 3,794 (2,836 entries, 958 re-entries)
Prize pool: $758,800
Places paid: 467

1. Andreflk13 (Brazil) $108,533.51
2. Gukiz (Netherlands) $76,743.59
3. Bastelbastel (Germany) $54,265.96
4. JeremiieLand (Austria) $38,371.83
5. elmerixx (Finland) $27,132.94
6. Stiffler8818 (Germany) $19,185.87
7. juicetus (Germany) $13,566.43
8. dell1958 (U.K.) $9,592.90
9. Strelec (Russia) $6,783.14

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