When play got heads-up in Event #53-H, DeuceofDuc0 just wanted a quick smoke.

Our final two players cut a deal that guaranteed both of them a six-figure score and our champion asked for a few more minutes to indulge and let things soak in over a cigarette. It was DeuceofDuc0’s biggest score and the victory would also be our champion’s first COOP title.

Perhaps DeuceofDuc0 also needed it to prepare to battle Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes. Not only did Moraes have the chip lead, the Brazilian had a slightly beefier resume that included a $2,100 NLHE SCOOP title.

Things had been going well for DeuceofDuc0 though. While our champion started the final table 3rd in chips, DeuceofDuc0 took an early hit. It appeared to provide some motivation though, because after that, DeuceofDuc0 dealt several eliminations and ended up taking the lion’s share of the $864,500 prize pool.

DeuceofDuc0’s victory came after two days of poker and the Dutch player had to conquer a field of 1,729 players to take it down.

The final table


Seat 1: ImDaNuts – 5,671,971
Seat 2: PVACC444 – 6,302,244
Seat 3: SELOUAN1991 – 12,087,001
Seat 4: PLF111 – 7,807,204
Seat 5: IgorKarkarof – 1,992,772
Seat 6: GM_VALTER – 15,086,842
Seat 7: Il-Giuglia – 9,878,928
Seat 8: KKsuckAA – 14,607,499
Seat 9: DeuceofDuc0 – 13,015,539

DeuceofDuc0’s stack got halved early on when KKsuckAA flopped a set of 10s, but then DeuceofDuc0 bounced back up a bit with an elimination. DeuceofDuc0 raised to 440,000 from the hijack that hand and PVACC444 moved all-in for 5.6 million from the button. The blinds folded, DeuceofDuc0 called and we had a showdown.

PVACC444 turned over K♥Q♥ and DeuceofDuc0 showed a dominating A♣K♦. The J♠2♦3♦10♠4♥ board tiptoed around both players without giving them anything and DeuceofDuc0’s ace-high took down the pot. PVACC444 was out in 9th while DeuceofDuc0 bounced back up to 12.3 million.

Then the short-stacked IgorKarkarof tried to double with A♦J♥ and SELOUAN1991 called with 10♦10♥. IgorKarkarof paired a jack on the 2♠8♠10♠J♦4♥ board, but SELOUAN1991 had already hit a set of 10s. IgorKarkarof was eliminated in 8th place and then SELOUAN1991 knocked out another player with another big pair.

ImDaNuts called from the small blind that hand, SELOUAN1991 raised and ImDaNuts moved all-in for 4.8 million. SELOUN1991 called and ImDaNuts turned over A♠Q♥ while SELOUAN1991 showed K♠K♦. Pocket kings improved to a flush on the 8♠Q♦3♦8♦9♦ board and ImDaNuts was eliminated in 7th place.

Kings didn’t hold up too well in the next all-in.

GM_VALTER raised to 1.6 million from the cutoff and Il-Giuglia moved all-in for 4.4 million from the button. GM_VALTER called with K♣8♣ and Il-Giuglia was a big favorite with K♦K♠. The scales started tipping in GM_VALTER’s favor when the flop came 10♥9♠7♦ and then GM_VALTER became a huge favorite when a J♥ came on the turn to give him a straight. The river brought a 7♠ and Il-Giuglia was eliminated in 6th.

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SELOUAN1991 then sacked another one. PLF111 moved all-in for 6.9 million after SELOUAN1991 raised and SELOUAN1991 called after action folded back around. SELOUAN1991 showed a dominating A♠J♣ to PLF111’s A♣10♥ and the 2♣3♠7♣8♠4♦ board missed both players. PLF111 was eliminated in 5th place and then GM_VALTER went back to dealing blows.

GM_VALTER raised to 700,000 from the button the next elimination and KKsuckAA three-bet to 2.4 million from the small blind. GM_VALTER called and the flop came J♠J♥K♥. Both players checked and a 3♥ came on the turn. KKsuckAA check-called a bet of 2.0 million and a 7♥ completed the board. GM_VALTER moved all-in and KKsuckAA thought into the time bank and then called all-in for 6.3 million.

KKsuckAA showed K♦8♦ for a lone pair of kings to accompany the jacks on the heart-filled board while GM_VALTER showed A♥8♥ for the nut flush. KKsuckAA finished 4th while GM_VALTER took the lead.

Then DeuceofDuc0 brought the tournament heads-up.

SELOUAN1991 raised to 875,000 from the button and DeuceofDuc0 called from the big blind. SELOUAN1991 then bet 1.0 million on the 5♥4♠3♠ flop and DeuceofDuc0 moved all-in. SELOUAN1991 called and showed A♣5♦ for top pair and a gutshot straight draw while DeuceofDuc0 tabled an overpair with A♠A♥.

Neither the J♥ on the turn nor the 4♥ on the river brought any help for SELOUAN1991 and the Brazilian player became our 3rd place finisher.


GM_VALTER – 49,614,760
DeuceofDuc0 – 36,835,240

Players decided to cut a deal and the numbers crunched while DeuceofDuc0 went to go smoke a cigarette. When our champion returned, players agreed on the following numbers:

GM_VALTER: $105,119.20
DeuceofDuc0: $102,297.54

Left for 1st: $17,290.00

Players then tussled around with the lead a bit before DeuceofDuc0 hit a set of jacks and pulled away with about 61 million. DeuceofDuc0 then ended things the following hand with another pocket pair.

GM_VALTER raised to 800,000 from the button that hand and DeuceofDuc0 three-bet to 2.6 million. GM_VALTER called and a 2♥Q♥4♠ flop hit the felt. DeuceofDuc0 check-called a bet of 2.0 million, and a K♦ came on the turn.

WCOOPEPT12_MON_Velli-1296_Rafael Da Silva Moraes-thumb-450x300-289450.jpg

Rafael Moraes

GM_VALTER bet 6.0 million when checked to and DeuceofDuc0 called again. A 7♣ completed the board and DeuceofDuc0 let out another check. GM_VALTER moved all-in for 14.5 million and DeuceofDuc0 called.

GM_VALTER showed a busted flush draw with J♥6♥ while DeuceofDuc0 tabled Q♦Q♣ for the victory. GM_VALTER became the runner-up finisher while DeuceofDuc0 took down the title.

WCOOP-53-H: $530 NLHE
Entries: 1,729
Prize pool: $864,500
Place paid: 215

1. DeuceofDuc0 (Netherlands) $119.587.54*
2. GM_VALTER (Brazil) $105,119.20*
3. SELOUAN1991 (Brazil) $67,258.79
4. KKsuckAA (Czech Republic) $48,215.15
5. PLF111 (Brazil) $34,563.48
6. Il-Giuglia (Malta) $24,777.17
7. ImDaNuts (Costa Rica) $17,761.75
8. IgorKarkarof (Denmark) $12,732.70
9. PVACC444 (Canada) $9,127.56

*Denotes a two-way deal.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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