raare01 was the big stack at the table, but sat back during the first elimination.

Then our champion pounced and took out every single remaining player. raare01 didn’t even lose the lead. Our champion was hitting big hands and getting the lowest of lows. Like a skilled MMA fighter, raare01 was dealing heavy blows up top and down low.

Everytime raare01 was done, there’d be another elimination. After the last one, raare01 took the title of Event #46-H Champion and won $50,582.46. It was the largest chunk of the $265,000 prizepool and the hardest one to win.

A total of 265 players signed up on Day 1, just a fraction made it to Day 2 and only seven made it to the final table.

The final table


Seat 1: fers223 – 2,187,542
Seat 2: raare01 – 3,887,545
Seat 3: Beeethoven87 – 2,002,482
Seat 4: zumbapoker – 1,584,667
Seat 5: IneedMassari – 1,222,412
Seat 6: IAmSoSo – 829,089
Seat 7: dynoalot – 1,536,263

IAmSoSo and dynoalot were at a final table together just last night. IAmSoSo took out dynoalot in 5th at that table, and then dealt dynoalot a big blow early today.

IAmSoSo moved all-in for 1.0 million from the cutoff and dynoalot reshoved for 1.2 million from the button. The blinds folded and IAmSoSo turned over A♣K♣10♣6♥ to dynoalot’s A♠A♥J♥7♣. The board ran 6♣Q♦9♦7♠8♥ and IAmSoSo got a double with six-ten straight.

dynoalot was left with just 193,202 and it went all-in with A♣9♥5♥4♥ and zumbapoker called with A♦8♦9♣6♥. The 7♣Q♠8♠8♣9♦ board gave zumbapoker a full house and dynoalot was the first one out.

Then the buster became the bustee and the reign of raare01 began.

zumbapoker min-raised from under the gun and raare01 called from the small blind. raare01 then check-raised the 6♠4♣7♦ flop and zumbapoker called. raare01 bet again after the 3♦ came on the turn and zumbapoker moved all-in.

raare01 called and showed 2♣5♣A♠[h] for a straight while zumbapoker had a pair of fours and a flush draw with K♦2♦A♥4♠. The river brought a 2♥ and raare01 got an A-2-3-4-5 low to go along with the straight. zumbapoker was out in 6th while raare01 took over the lead.

No one else would take it over.


raare01 got all the chips

raare01 brought the tournament down to four a few minutes later. raare01 raised to 125,000 from the cutoff and Beethoven87 moved all-in for 944,332 from the button. raare01 called with A♥6♠5♦2♠ and Beethoven87 tabled A♣K♦6♦3♦.

The board came 10♣7♦Q♦4♣8♣ and raare01 hit a four-eight straight along with an 8-7-4-2-A low. Beethoven87 busted in 5th and raare01 kept rising.

IneedMassari did actually get a double up from raare01 and then IAmSoSo tried to go next. IAmSoSo moved all-in for 1.4 million from the cutoff and raare01 rejammed from the small blind.

The big blind folded and raare showed A♠A♥8♣4♥ to IAmSoSo’s A♣Q♠J♥4♦. IAmSoSo was in need of some help, but the 7♠5♦K♦9♠7♣ board brought none. IAmSoSo finished 4th and then raare brought it down to just two.

IneedMassari moved all-in for 1.9 million from the button and raare01 called from the big blind.

raare01: A♥Q♥5♣4♠
IneedMassari: A♠6♥3♦2♦

There was no low hand on the K♥7♦7♦9♦8♥ board and raare01 took it down with an ace-high flush. IneedMassari was eliminated in 3rd place and then the tournament quickly ended.

raare01’s lead had grown to 11.2 million while fers223 made it to the heads-up match with 2.0 million.

fers223 was down to 1.6 million a few hands later and raare01 called from the small blind. fers223 checked and the flop came 6♣9♥Q♣. raare01 minbet when checked to and fers223 called.

Then the 3♥ on the turn brought much more action. raare01 moved all-in and fers223 called. Both players had two-pair, but raare01’s Q♥9♦10♥7♣ was better than fer223’s Q♠3♣7♥4♠.

The river brought a K♠ and the end of the tournament. fers223 finished in 2nd while raare01’s reign became official, the Dutch player had become the champion of Event #46-H.

WCOOP-46-H: $1,050 NLO8 [6-Max]
Entries: 265
Prize pool: $265,000
Place paid: 35

1. raare01(Netherlands) $50,582.46
2. fers223 (Finland) $37,493.44
3. IneedMassari (Brazil) $27,791.53
4. IAmSoSo (Sweden) $20,600.11
5. Beeethoven87 (Poland) $15,269.53
6. zumbapoker (Finland) $11,318.36
7. dynoalot (Canada) $8,969.64

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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