If it only takes 5 KOs to make a profit in a Bounty Builder event, who would you like those five players to be? 

Here’s your chance to win a free Bounty Builder Series Spin & Go ticket, and put on record the players you’d most like to beat.

Because in the Bounty Builder Series (which runs until Sunday 27 October) all it takes to win is to KO five players. Do that and you win back more than your buy-in. Even if you don’t reach the money.

But which five players (in an ideal world) would you like those five to be?

Perhaps you’ve watched the best pros for years and dreamed of sending them to the rail?

Maybe you’re a fan of Team Pro, and consider busting Lex Veldhuis to be the ultimate badge of honour?

Or how about that friend in your home game, a place where bragging rights count double, who always cleans up?

Whatever your motivation, whoever it is, we want to know.

But first thing’s first…

How to earn a free Spin & Go ticket

To help you make your selection we’ve created five categories to choose from. Pick a player from each category to draw up your list.

  • A member of Team Online Pro
  • Any famous poker player
  • A friend who plays on PokerStars
  • Any historical figure alive or dead
  • Any fictional character

You can be as creative or irreverent as you like. And while we can’t offer bonus points for style and originality, we will retweet some of the best selections.

And try to Keep it friendly if you can.

You’re within your rights to name Mother Theresa as the historical figure you’d most like to KO from a poker tournament, but such a choice would be frowned upon.

And while we’re on the subject, leave Mr Rogers alone.

But other than that, it’s over to you.

The five categories of player to name in your entry

Who makes your five player hit list? Let us know on Twitter to get a free Spin & Go ticket

Tweet your answer #BountyBuilderSeries

To enter, tweet your answers to us (@PokerStarsBlog) along with your [PokerStars ID] using the hashtag #BountyBuilderSeries by 23:59 ET Wednesday 23 October.

We’ll credit your account with a Spin & Go tickets on Thursday 24 October.

That should give you enough time to use it, and (hopefully) win a seat into the Main Event next Sunday, where you can KO some random strangers.

Just one entry per person. And remember to tweet before the deadline to ensure you get a ticket.

Terms and conditions apply (which you can read here if every other page on the internet is down), and please note that this is only available to dot com players (although anyone can play along).

Bounty Builder Series runs until Sunday 27 October. You can find out more in our Series blog post here, which has details of the tournament schedule, and other ways to win tournament tickets. 

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