I would’ve played poker anonymously for the rest of my life, and I could’ve been happy doing it. That didn’t stop me from dreaming, however. I dreamt of what it would be like to get the call that I was going to become a member of Team Online. At 22-years-old, that dream has come true. As of today, I am a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online.


My name is Liliya. I live in Moscow and play hyper-turbo six max, mostly the 60s, but sometimes I mix in 30s and 100s.

I started off casually. I played turbo SNGs and heads-up, but over time hyper turbos became my game of choice. I fell in love with the speed and post-flop play. I even started to meet some of my opponents in real life. It was a great experience.


I have already achieved Supernova status, but I want more. I’m trying to make Supernova Elite. It takes a lot of time and a lot of concentration on my game, so I have worked out a schedule and do my best to follow it.

While online poker is my passion, I also dabble in live tournaments, and I’m excited that being on Team Online will give me more opportunities in this arena.

When I’m not playing cards, I cook and play sports. I also love to spend time in the kitchen. I love cooking Asian cuisine. Once I eat a lot, I also try to keep in shape by running.

I’m also no stranger to professional gaming. I was once a pro Defense of the Ancients player. I still play other games on a casual basis.

For now, though, my focus will be on living out my dream, the one that PokerStars made real today. I’ll be playing as Liay5. Come find me.


Liliya ‘Liay5’ Novikova is a member of Team Online

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