Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann has had quite a WCOOP so far, and while he didn’t make the headline for Event #48-H we’re giving him the first paragraph. After winning Event #5-H ($215 PLO), Hartmann earned a runner-up over the weekend in Event #38-H ($215 NLHE), and today finished second again in another $215 NLHE event.

In fact, Hartmann had the lead when a heads-up deal was made, but the German playing from Austria ultimately succumbed to Spacey-Space of Ukraine who won the final two-man duel to earn the title and a nice payday of $71,802.82 after the deal.


This $215 buy-in “Special Edition” of the Sunday Kickoff drew 2,672 players, building a $534,400 prize pool (way over the $300K guarantee) that got divided by the top 319 finishers.

The bubble burst toward the latter stages of Day 1 on Sunday, and a bit later play was paused with 85 players still in contention and Y.”TheSnaiL” having assumed the overnight lead with a small edge over nearest challengers thetin and 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure champion Dimitar “KuuL” Danchev.

After almost four hours of play on Monday, they were down to just 16 players gathered around the last two tables, with Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann leading the way with more than 21.6 million, at the time about nine million ahead of the chase pack.

By then Danchev was out in 30th ($1,983.31), but Y.”TheSnaiL” was still thriving and thetin had an average stack.

kirdface (16th) was next knocked out, earning $2,842.20, followed by allin0709 (15th), D_DIGGLER99 (14th), and Franco “rojorulez” Spitale (13th) who each took away $2,842.20.


Franco “rojorulez” Spitale

Then rotisseur (12th), NF2AB (11th), and thetin (10th) followed them to the virtual rail, earning $3,719.04 apiece, and with Spacey-Space the new chip leader ahead of Hartmann, the remaining nine were reseated around a single not-quite-official-final-table.

Then, after slipping in the counts, Y.”TheSnaiL” became the ninth-place finisher after losing a preflop all-in versus Hartmann when the latter’s K♠K♥ held versus Y.”TheSnaiL”‘s A♦K♦.

The eight-handed final table was underway, with Spacey-Space still on top and Hartmann in second position to start.


Seat 1: Spacey-Space (Ukraine) — 33,258,132
Seat 2: Aliaksei “ale6ka” Boika (Belarus) — 14,471,111
Seat 3: Miguel “Gandalf MR” Riera (United Kingdom) — 22,264,573
Seat 4: svman89 (Hungary) — 12,293,470
Seat 5: RUS)Timur (Russia) — 6,756,646
Seat 7: Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann (Austria) — 24,189,038
Seat 8: CrAcky_Marty (Canada) — 12,041,370
Seat 9: Bo$$ D4wg (Jamaica) — 8,325,660

Bo$$ D4wg battled with a short stack for a while before a hand arose that saw Hartmann open from early position then Bo$$ D4wg jam all in for just over 7.4 million (not quite 15 big blinds).

It folded back to Hartmann who called and showed A♦K♠ — better than Bo$$ D4wg’s K♦Q♦. The board came nine-high and the best hand remained in front, ending Bo$$ D4wg’s run in eighth.

About 40 minutes later, EPT13 Malta Main Event champion Aliaksei “ale6ka” Boika made a standard early-position raise, Hartmann reraised all in from the small blind, then Boika called all in for about 15.7 million total or just over 22 BBs.

Boika — who also won a SCOOP title in 2015 — had J♦J♠ and a fighting chance against Hartmann’s A♠K♥, and was still in front after the 7♦6♦2♥ flop and 10♣ turn. But the river was the K♠ to give Hartmann the better pair, and Boika was bounced in seventh.


Aliaksei “ale6ka” Boika

Eight hands later Hartmann was the big chip leader and raising again, then CrAcky_Marty three-bet jammed for just over 7.4 million (a bit more than 10 BBs) and Hartmann called.

Hartmann had A♠Q♥ this time and had CrAcky_Marty’s A♥7♥ dominated. The board stayed low, coming 3♣2♠4♠4♣6♣, and the queen kicker played, knocking CrAcky_Marty out in sixth.

The Hartmann steamroller continued with the next knockout, this time Miguel “Gandalf MR” Riera in fifth.

In that hand Spacey-Space limped from UTG, Riera jammed for about 15 BBs from the next seat, and both Hartmann (big blind) and Spacey-Space called. Both Spacey-Space and Hartmann checked the all-spade 7♠5♠J♠ flop. Then when Hartmann led at the J♥ turn, Spacey-Space folded.

Riera showed A♦4♦ for ace-high while Hartmann had two pair with 10♦7♦. The river was the K♥, and they were down to four.

More than 20 hands went by, then it was Hartmann raising from the button, svman89 shoving from the big blind for almost 20.4 million (25 BBs) with 9♥9♦, and Hartmann calling with 6♦6♣. It looked good for svman89 through the J♦5♦K♣ flop, but the 6♠ turn gave Hartmann a set, and after the A♥ completed the board svman89 was out in fourth.

That was five-for-five for chip leader Hartmann in final table knockouts, but Spacey-Space would be the one claiming the next elimination after sending RUS)Timur out in third.

In that one Spacey-Space limped from the small blind, then called RUS)Timur’s big blind jam for 17.4 million (not quite 22 BBs). Spacey-Space had 10♦10♠ while RUS)Timur had A♠3♥, and five cards later — 9♥Q♣3♠2♥6♠ — they were down to two.

Shortly after that the tournament was paused for some deal talk, at which point Hartmann led with 73,182,539 (about 91.5 big blinds) versus Spacey-Space’s 60,417,461 (about 75.5 BBs).


Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann

Numbers were produced and quickly agreed to — chopping up the remaining prize money while leaving $10,688 on the table for which to play — and soon play resumed.

Within just a few hands Spacey-Space won a big pot to seize the advantage away from Hartmann, eventually building up a big advantage with close to 94 million versus Päffchen’s almost 40 million when the tournament’s final hand took place.

With the blinds 600K/1.2M, Spacey-Space raised to 2.4 million from the button, Hartmann called, and the flop came 10♣K♥2♣. Hartmann checked, then called after Spacey-Space continued for 1,683,000. The turn brought the Q♠ and Hartmann again check-called, this time for 5,926,200.

The 7♥ fell on the river, and Hartmann checked one more time. Spacey-Space shoved all in, putting Hartmann to the test for his last 29,659,256, and the latter chose to call. The showdown…

Päffchen: K♦9♣ — a pair of kings
Spacey-Space: A♠J♦ — a Broadway straight

It was over, with the extra $10,688 going Spacey-Space’s way for winning the last pot and the WCOOP title.

Congratulations to Spacey-Space for topping an enormous field of 2,672 to win Event #48-H and a nearly $72K first prize following the heads-up deal. Kudos also to Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann for yet another great WCOOP performance to make it all of the way to the heads-up deal.

WCOOP-48-H: $215 NLHE (8-Max, Sunday Kickoff Special Edition)
Entries: 2,672
Prize pool: $534,400
Places paid: 319

1. Spacey-Space (Ukraine) $71,802.82*
2. Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann (Austria) $62,240.96*
3. RUS)Timur (Russia) $39,765.34
4. svman89 (Hungary) $28,346.07
5. Miguel “Gandalf MR” Riera (United Kingdom) $20,206.09
6. CrAcky_Marty (Canada) $14,403.57
7. Aliaksei “ale6ka” Boika (Belarus) $10,267.37
8. Bo$$ D4wg (Jamaica) $7,318.98
* Denotes two-way deal

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